Sail Better! is aiming to help sailors of various standards to improve, to sail better whether it’s within racing or cruising. The “better” term includes both sailing faster but also sailing safer and smarter all contributing to a more enjoyable experience!

A big emphasis will be on personal development, ie how to work on improving your skills covering e.g. goal setting, practice methods, coaching, race analysis etc

The idea is also to have a place to store all the good ideas and learning coming from various regattas and races which would be discussed over a beer or in an e-mail trail after the race and easily would be forgotten soon if not captured.

A lot of the captured learning comes from sailing on a Benetau First 40.7 in Sydney harbour, but there are a number of other influences as well such as a number of years competitively sailing International Canoes, IC. Initially the focus will be mainly on in-shore racing, as this is where I and the people I sail with are mainly active currently.

We sincerely encourage input and feedback on what you would like to see. Write a comment on an article on your own experiences or if you disagree with the content don’t hesitate to say so. You’re also most welcome to drop us a line on info@sailbetter.com


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